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03/25/2002 Entry: "New Snare, and Whisky!"

I forgot to mention... A few weeks ago, I played a gig at The Sudbury Inn. I decided to take my Tama Starclassic snare. It needed a new head, so I bought one at Northern Kingdom, the greatest music store in the world. (Off topic: See who comes up #3 on google when searching for "greatest music store in the world.") Anyway, when I was changing the head, I notices that some of the wood layers were pulling apart. It was sent back to Tama one week ago Friday. Today, a brand new replacement showed up. I should pick it up tomorrow.

On Saturday, I help my neighboor move some furniture. Nothing major: a big photo copier, a desk, and a file cabinet. It took an hour and a half, all told. He bought me a little something for my trouble. It was really no trouble at all. But, he was very nice, don't you think?

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