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04/01/2002 Entry: "Zoot Suit Done"

Me mum hemmed the old suit, and pegged the legs for me. (Pegging is the act of cuffing them hem tightly, resulting in baggy thigh area, but very narrow ankle. See here.) I picked up a lentgth of chain from a local hardware store, and made my own double chain. I already had a smooth purple tie, and Dad gave me a pair of suspenders. Shoes? I got a decent set of black dress shoes at the Salvation Army for $.10. All I need now is a hat, and I'll be complete. I'll be wearing the suit at my gig this Friday at the Black Bull, so come see it.

Note to Susan: I still love you, even though you made me cry last night. :-)

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I am sure you are much more dapper looking than the chap in your pic' modelin' the Zootsy!

Posted by hcurtis @ 04/05/2002 12:29 AM EST

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