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04/02/2002 Entry: "Stuff"

I am addicted to zoot suits. I'm just about done shopping now, though. Last night, I bought some maroon loafers with wing tips and tassles at Good Will. I also picked up another gold chain, and two ties. All I need now is the hat. Jim saw me in it last night at our jazz radio show on WRFR. I think he wants one now.

I'd like to be able to have an email sent to people whenever I write an update. Anyone got a cgi that will do this?

Finished our taxes 2 nights ago. We did aight. Enough to put a new roof on the house. Maybe a little extra. Maybe enough for that Blue Point Special I've been lusting over for a couple of years.

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Not so sure I am ready for the zuite suite. It might make me look slimmer but it didn't work on you. Ok just kidding!

I am thinking you need to get that blue point special and then let me break it in for you with my break in equipment. Let's say for a few months. Considering I am breaking in your equipment perhaps you should also loan me your record collection to do it on.

Posted by Jim @ 04/03/2002 05:48 PM EST

Have fun with your new toy from my tax money. Freaking Govt. is going to bleed me $500 more than what they've taken already, just becuase I'm married and don't have kids. I hate Uncle Sam. Next year I'm just going to save my christmas bonus aside to pay taxes.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 04/04/2002 08:30 AM EST

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