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04/16/2002 Entry: "Doug's Biscuits"

I say the same thing everytime I answer the phone. "This is Bill, can I help you?" Three times in the last two days, the voice on the other end says "Hello, Doug."


Made biscuits again. Actually, twice. Sunday's batch was horrific. I left out the oil. It's only a half cup in a whole batch, but it makes a huge difference. They were edible, but not really fluffy. Monday's biscuits were much better. Not my best work, but very good. Compared to Mom's, they were about a 7. Consistency is what I need to work on.

I'm doing some computer consulting for a local doctor. He just needs someone to keep him in step with technology. We met for the first time last night, and discussed iMacs, DVD players and burners, and digital cameras and camcorders. If he could convince his wife that he needed all this stuff, he'd buy it. He's just looking for an excuse for a digital camcorder. I told him about how much better the quality is over regular VHS, and he called his wife into the room. "Tell her what you just said. I want her to hear it from an expert. See honey, that's what I've been telling you."

She still wouldn't let him have it.

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