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04/17/2002 Entry: "Crazy Dreams"

I had this dream two nights ago; I won't bore you with all the details. Suffice it to say, it included my father and me, the staff of The Island Institute, a terroist organization, and a plan to off the entire Institute staff, as well as the staff of my catering business, by way of injections of insulin. Odd.

Last night, I drempt Julia was having an outrageous fit, howling and screaming. I awoke, and swore I could still hear it, faintly. I thought perhaps the next-door neighbors boy was having a tirade. He was not. I had to go downstairs to believe it so, however. I can make no conclusion as to what thesound actually was. The fan in my bedroom perhaps.

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Bill --- I'm slightly frightened by this dream! But I won't take it personally. :)

Posted by Allison @ 04/17/2002 08:47 PM EST

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