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05/04/2002 Entry: "Zildjian Ride w/Rivets"

Q: How many ride cymbals should a drummer own?
A: All of them!

Ride cymbals are like snares. There are lots of different types, and they all sound different. As my hi-fi friend Derek would say, "They're like different tools--different tools do different jobs." I now own 4 ride cymbals. I'd like to own 2 more. Then I'd be done. (Maybe.) I just bought a 20" Zildjian ride with rivets from Jarrod at the greatest music store in the world, Northern Kingdom Music. The rivets give the cymbal a sizzle-y sound. You strike the cymbal, and the rivets dance about, adding the little extra "jenna say kwa." It's going to be a sweet jazzer.

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