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05/06/2002 Entry: "Fish contest"

I'm planning a "Name the Fish" contest for MIS. You can submit names, too.

Replies: 6 people have rocked the mic!

Otis (for Otis Redding)

Posted by momma II @ 05/06/2002 01:24 PM EST

Jonah's Revenge

Posted by Dad @ 05/06/2002 02:38 PM EST

Dr. Moris Fishbine

Posted by mlg @ 05/06/2002 04:19 PM EST

I think Uncle Bill should name his fish, "Smith".

Posted by Your nephew, Eben @ 05/07/2002 03:05 PM EST

How about Pagoo?

Posted by Jim @ 05/08/2002 07:54 AM EST

Can I change my mind? I'm old and it changes itself sometimes. How about "Lassie" in honor of the Mac being Scotch?

Posted by Dad @ 05/09/2002 02:38 PM EST

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