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05/08/2002 Entry: "DCI and Drumsmith .com"

There is the drum message board called Drum Center Forum, which is hosted by the Drum Center of Indianapolis. The guy who runs the joint, Harry, announces that he is going to make the site a pay site: $35 a year--which also includes a $35 gift certificate to his store. Now, I'm not big on paying for content on the web, but hey, how else are you going to make money with a content driven site? The difference is, this site's content is totally driven by the members. So Ron Dunnett, the custom snare drum maker, get's in a huff, blows outta there, and starts his own board, drumsmith.com. Now, Ron has set up the censoring program of the message board to block the initials DCI. I can see not wanting to get into a flame war, but to not even be allowed to mention "that other site" is a bit childish, I think.

Here's the question: should I buy a snare drum from someone whom I don't know that I like very much personally? I mean, one of Ron's snares is on my Snares to Get list. But I don't know that I want to buy a drum from a guy with a pick-up-my-ball-and-go-home attitude.

What would you do?

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I think that you are caught between and rock and a hard place and will just have to find a 3rd party to purchase the drum from--that will probably take YEARS!

Posted by beloved @ 05/09/2002 10:57 AM EST

Your wife has a good point. So I will buy the drum from this guy and then you can buy it from me. Then you are buying it from a third party and you are not caught anymore. I, in turn, make a small profit and everyone is happy. wink wink

Posted by Jim @ 05/10/2002 07:30 AM EST

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