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07/01/2002 Entry: "Vacation has started, and new snare!"

It's my first day of vacation! Suck it up, all you hosebags back at the office. (Really, now, they're a bunch of good guys [and Gina].)

So some of you know about the super-secret snare I was checking out. For those of you who don't know, a Ludwig piccolo snare of some form was on my Snares To Get list.

A Ludwig piccolo snare--this is a must. They came in a bunch of different sizes. The one I really want is the Be-Bop. weighing in at 3" by 13". I would consider the very rare Las Vegas model at 4" X 13", or the relatively common Down Beat at 4" X 14". Also cool would be the Porto-Pak, a student model 5" X 13".

So one of these snares shows up on ebay last week. And I got excited. Why? Because it was listed as a WFL Snare. Nothing else. No mention of Ludwig in the title. No mention of Down Beat, or Be-Bop. What's this all mean? It means bidding is going to be low, because people looking for Ludwig snare aren't going to get this one in their search. So, I watched it all week. I watched the bidding go up. And yet, it never did get as high as this one. (It is in better shape than the one I was looking at. But, there's still a couple of days left on that auction.)

So, I wanted to bid. Bad news: I was going to be away at a gig when the auction ended. So, I used a little service called esnipe. You log into esnipe (which is free for the first two weeks), tell it your username, and the item number. It will automatically bid for you, right at the end of the auction.

And so, I got a "new" Ludwig piccolo, at what I think is a really great price. (Note: The aqua and gold duco color is a little funky, so I think I will rewrap it. I'm thinking Silver Sparkle would look real classy, and would fit with just about all drumkit colors.)

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iīm richard from germany and I find your vintage drum collection very nice! I too have and love a old Tama Artstar original Simon phillips kit in cordia wood finish.
10",12",13",14",15" tom toms, 15",
18" floor toms,2x 24 bass drum and a 6,5 snare drum. Yeah thatīs it!
Unfortunately Iīm looking for the
20" gong drum, that was sold before i bought this kit from England. I hope, itīs not a īmission impossibleī to find this one...


Richard, germany. (sorry for my bad english ;-))

Posted by richard szydlowski @ 07/04/2002 05:49 PM EST

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