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07/08/2002 Entry: "The snare is here!"

Well, the snare arrived today. The auction called for a 14" inch snare. But in doing some research, I found the Ludwig 14" piccolo (called the Downbeat) had 8 lugs. The one I bought had only 6. So it should be 13" in diameter. There were 2 drums 13" in diameter that Ludwig offered with piccolo style lugs: the BeBop (what I really want) and the LasVegas. The BeBop is 3" deep, and the LasVegas is 4". I've never seen a LasVegas, except in catalogs. And I still haven't. I got a BeBop! Yea! It's what I really prefered--it's the true size piccolo snare. The finish is a little beat, but it's in better shape than the pictures would have you believe.

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