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07/26/2002 Entry: "Arthur Anderson, my big mouth, and a snare dum"

Did you know the Edmund Fitzgerald was named after the president of an insurance company? I didn't. And then I found out that her sister ship, the one right behind her on the night she was lost, was the Arthur Anderson! Could it be? Nope. That crazy accounting firm spells it Andersen.

A new life lesson learned. I once commented on here about some web work I did, and how I didn't feel I charged enogh for my time. Well, it seems someone looking for that business found my page, and my comment. Now, I said nothing other than that in the future, I wouldn't quote someone too low for doing a webpage for them. But my client said he didn't think it reflected too well on his business. So, I've learned that in the future, I should keep my client list a little more private. Or, make sure that what I say about myself can't be misconstrued. (I've also pulled down the original comment.)

I've also made a little page about my Ludwig Be-Bop. You can see it here.

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Apparently up in that part of the country spotting the heavy shipping boats is a big hobby. There are several web cams that look on to the lakes as well as internet tracking sites. It look very much like our own Penobscot Bay but instead it is filled with heavy industrial shipping. This is especially true on the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. BTW Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state. About 90. Maine has the second most with about 80.

Posted by Dake @ 07/28/2002 08:59 AM EST

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