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07/27/2002 Entry: "Crutchfield and $50!"

I bought Susan a new CD player for her car a couple of months back. (Mother's Day? Birthday? I don't remember.) I bought just a cheap-o unit from Crutchfield. But when you buy from them, they include the faceplates, brackets, and wiring harness at no charge. The last time I installed a CD player, it was in my old F-150--the Blue Turd, as she was known. It was such a pain, that I decided if I ever needed it done again, I'd pay a shop to do it. And, that's what I did, when I bought my Clarion head for the new F-150, or White Lightnin'. But, in an effort to save money, I went the Crutchfield route. And with all the widgets they give you free, it was a snap. So, I filled out my comment card, and mailed it back to them saying so.

I got a letter yeterday from Crutchfield. They want to use my testimonial in one of their upcomming catalogs! And, they'll give me a $50 gift certificate if I mail them a picture of me and the new equipment. Sweet!

Also, I played the Be-Bop at the gig in Bangor last night. Oh my! It sounded, and looked, really good!

(On a side note... Last Friday night, Blind Al was spoting a new Johnson. A Johnson amp, that is. Now, Blind Al is a bigger gear whore than I am. He changes amps faster than I buy snare drums! So made some comment that I bet it wouldn't last a month, and he'd have it traded Well, last night (one week later) he was playing a new Fender amp. But wait, it gets worse! Friday morning, he buys a new Telecaster copy in Bar Harbor. Hen then drives to Waterville, and decides to trade that same guitar for an ES-335 copy! He didn't even own the guitar 8 hours! But, the new 335 copy sounds really good!)

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