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07/31/2002 Entry: "bad snare, truck work, and whatnot"

Here's a cool article on the physics of the violin, and speculation on why Strads are so highly sought.

Here's an article on the physics of snare drum batter heads!

I was asked to play in the Lobster Festival Parade with a group from Montpelier. You know, all dressed in colonial garb, tri-corner hat, playing a drum kind of thing. Well, it seems only one of my marching snares is suitable for playing on a sling--the other one needs to be on a harness. So my buddy Barry will be playing that drum. It's that 70s stainless Ludwig marcher that Chick gave me. It's got gut snares, and I just can't make it sound good. I may switcj over to metal snares.

I'm picking up White Lightnin' tonight. New ball joints, emergency break cables, exhaust, and some rust fixed. It should be stylin' when it's done.

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