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08/01/2002 Entry: "A somewhat long and rambling post about all kinds of stuff."

I am Snoopy

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Darth Vader
Tall, powerful, and the darkest of the dark. You've got armies, fleets, and the dark side of the Force wrapped around your little finger, but you still have a soft spot for that little wuss you call "son." How sweet.

Take the Imperial Test at Bucketheads!

Lang/Gladstone snare for sale on ebay. Billy Gladstone invented some neat snares, most notable for being able to tune both heads at the same time. One of his students, Arnie Lang, still makes drums the way Billy did long ago. Billy's snares were made by Gretsch from 1937-1941. After the war, he took back his patents, and made drums on his own. Only about 50 real Gladstones were made. He made 4 drum sets, 3 of which have survived.

Check this out! Someone made a mistake in the Buy It Now price. This is a snare very similar to the one I just bought! For about the same price! In pristine shape! The cat who bought this one got real lucky.

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I am Linus. I am the voice of reason, even though I may be a bit shy and insecure. I provide advice to people in need, which proves to be very helpful. I have a strong voice, and I am very opinionated.

I am Emperor Palpatine. Sure, I'm the most powerful man in the galaxy, but I'm old and ugly, and my back is killing me.

Posted by Your Sister @ 08/02/2002 07:50 AM EST

Hang on Snoopy..Snoopy hang on!

Posted by Snoopy @ 08/02/2002 01:32 PM EST

I am Linus (see above) and The Death Star: I am the epitome of Imperial Might. Planets tremble at the mention of my name. Technically I'm not a "character" but it doesn't matter, I can disintegrate anyone who crosses my path.

Posted by beloved @ 08/02/2002 09:33 PM EST

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