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08/05/2002 Entry: "Sue made supper"

Sue made supper, and MAN!!!! is it good. It's like a hamburger helper knock-off, but it is so way better. Way? Way!

We went for a swim after work. It was nice. In a little bit, I'll be playing Jazz on WRFR. Make sure you tune into your Windows Media Player to hear it. (Midcoast Internet subscribers only.)

I've had 3 gigs cancel in the last two weeks. That's not too cool for my wallet. You watch--now will be the time a Tama rosewood snare shows up on ebay! That's how it always happens. The cool stuff always comes up when I'm broke.

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Got your post notice in e-mail but you have gone from billyrythym to nobody. That is a real ego buster.

Posted by Dad @ 08/06/2002 07:21 AM EST

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