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08/06/2002 Entry: "A great big long post"

Now this is a pretty neat bass. I'm not sure I wanna hear the sounds that come out of it, though.

Blind Al just mailed me the top 200 list from WMHB. They're the college station for Colby College in Waterville. The new Blind Albert live album is #1 on their list.

The Pocket Project. Take the stuff out of your pockets. Snap photo. Upload. Fun.


What's *Your* Sex Sign?

This blog is very attractive. I like the CSS mousover thingy for the navigation. I should probably look into this whole CSS thing a little deeper.

The Boobie Blog. Kinda similar to The Breast Chronicles. The Chronicles have gotten a little hi-brow, so to speak. The Boobie Blog still cares about the beauty of the breast, without being pornographic. There is, in my opinion, a sort of innate beauty to the breast. Perhaps I'm talking too much.

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