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08/14/2002 Entry: "Porn and Drums"

My Porn Name is Corey Hardcore.

I've got two more toms recovered in yellow. All I have left to do is the floor tom. I need som hardware too. I'm taking a trip to the Drum Center in Portland. They've got a rack they want to move, so I'm going to see if it will suit my needs.

I also need to thank Barry. I did a recording session the other night, and he went with me. It was nice to have some company on the 2 hour round trip, not to mention having another drummer's ears in the studio. I recorded 3 songs for Mary Patrini, a Christian artist. I did 3 songs for her about 2 years ago. They're still making the same album! But, it should be done soon. I used my Pearl Masters Mahogany snare on all 3 tunes, and I used my Ludwig Jazz Combo as an auxillary snare on one track.

Something else interesting happened at that session. Engineer Sonny True had a Tension Watch drum tuning system. The way it works is thus: you put this little device on the drum head near each tuning lug. It measures the resistence of the snare head, and gives you a reading on a graduated watch-like face. You then tune each lug so that they are the same number. Then the head is the same tension all the way around. Sonny mentioned that whenever he had a good drummer in the studio, he could tell by how they tuned their drums--the drummers with the good ears all had their drums tuned fairly well. And then what happened? You guessed it--Frank Stallone! No, not really. What he did next was to measure my drum. How did I do? Of the 10 lugs, 8 were tuned the same (lets say 85 was the number on the dial); right on the money. One was down 1/2, to 84.5, and one was down one point to 84. I think that's pretty ok. I always have been pretty confident in my tuning. Too bad I don't play as well as I tune!

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