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08/16/2002 Entry: "Big long post on drums, dreams, and the new calendar"

Attention Ghost pedal lovers! Here's a great looking pre-Ludwig Ghost. It's the best shape I've seen one in--and I've seen a few!

Here's a little test I took to see how emotionally stable I am...

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I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt I won a contest put on by Dean of Textism. (It was because of some Internet problem in Massachussetes that I won. I wouldn't normally have gotten to his site to even enter the contest--it was drawing that much traffic.) Anyway, I got to go to France to meet Dean, where he put me up in a bed/breakfast/brothel. (There was this really cute, really small Asian woman who want some of the old Billy Rhythm, if you know what I mean. But I kept insiting that I was married. I did let her kiss me once. She was a bad kisser.) We had supper one night with the other winners. We were all supposed to sign a plate. You know, dinnerware? I don't know why a plate--my dreams are always a little crazy. Then, we were all supposed to have this jam session. I remember reading a press release that Dean sent out about the contest, and in it he made fun of my choice of drum size! It seems Dean fancied himself a bit of a drummer, and he liked 24" bass drums and really big toms. I prefer smaller (20") basses and small toms and snares. In my dream, we never did get to the jam session. But, I remember reading in the press release that we are going to do the same thing here in the US, just like we did in France. So, perhaps there will be a follow-up.

I went to The Drum Shop in Portland yesterday. I shop there on those rare times Northern Kingdom (aka The Best Music Store in the World) can't help me. Well Shane at the Drum Shop cut me a very good deal on a used rack for the Gretsh kit. On the way down, Jim and I were stuck on the Bath Bridge for about 45 minutes. There was some kind of accident. On the way home we saw CMP putting up a new pole.

As I was leaving to head for Portland, I heard the top of the hour ABC Radio News. They mentioned that today was the 25th anniversary of Elvis's "alleged" death. Alleged? ABC's not sure if he's dead? C'mon!

New page here at Billy Rhythm. It's the calendar. See where Billy Rhythm's playing on any given week.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

Love the calendar feature.

As far as my personality disorders--I am moderately narcissistic, highly histrionic, and highly obsessive-compulsive. Boy--that sounds scary!!

Posted by Your Sister @ 08/17/2002 08:24 AM EST

Show me how to do that great calendar. It would be great to keep the ambulance call schedule on. Now I hand write on an actual calendar page. Have a great day.

Posted by Dad @ 08/17/2002 08:33 AM EST

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