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08/29/2002 Entry: "2 sets of Slingerlands"

A complete set of Slingerland Rolling Bombers! Man, I love the look of WWII drums. And the Rolling Bombers are the nicest. Why? I'll tell you. Ludwig had their Victory drums, and Leedy had the Victorious line. The Victory's used some strange tuning mechanism on the inside of the drums. The Leedy's had tacked on bottom heads that you couldn't tune, as did Gretsch's. (I can't think of the Gretsch name right now.) So the Rolling Bombers were the most like real drums, and are the most playable in real-world conditions.

Here's a vintage Slingerland kit in pink satin flame! I remeber my first kit I saw in purple satin flame--also a Slingy. I've never seen pink before. I really like it!

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Aren't all great jazz musicians Republican?

Posted by Dad @ 08/31/2002 03:33 PM EST

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