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08/28/2002 Entry: "Crazy day, new car?"

Man, I've been so busy at work this week, you just cannot believe it. Monday, I had that glass of Booker's bourbon. Then last night, it was Knob Creek. Tonight? Draino!

I just got done talking to this guy. His computer was so old, it wouldn't run the CD rom. So, I had him do the old explore trick. IE 6 wouldn't load, 'cause it's Windows 95. I has him try Netscape. "I tried this," he said. "It only got to 40% or so, and it told me the disk was full."

Uh, sir, that means your hard drie is full.

So, I took the Car-O-Scope over at Car Talk the other day. It takes your personality, and dertimes what would be a good car for you. Here are my results:

"Boy oh boy, Bill, you picked a vehicle that just isn't quite right for you. You're compatible with your Ford F150 only in terms of how much you really care about your car. When compared to other people who drive a Ford F150, you're a little too much of a risk-taker, you're a bit too young to be driving this vehicle, you're, well--to be generous--a bit too frugal, you're just too educated to be driving a Ford F150, you are a little too much of a snob, other Ford F150 owners make more money than you, and you're a bit too 'touchy-feely'.

Their recomendations?
1. AMC Jeep
2. Peugeot 505
3. Volvo 244
4. Dodge Colt Vista
5. BMW 2002

Hmm. Can any of them carry drums? Certainly the Jeep can't. Probably not the foreign cars either. Maybe the Vista. My dad had one, and I really liked it.

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