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09/06/2002 Entry: "Quizes and stuff"

Here's my theme song of late:

"But all I can do, is all I can do and I keep on tryin
And all I can be is all I can be and I keep on tryin
There's always a mountain in front of me,
Seems I'm always climbin and fallin and climbin
But I keep on tryin"

I Am The 3rd Party:

The American Heritage Party: A Christian Theocracy Party, you wish to make the ten commandments law and scriptures the inspiration for governance. Nobody seems to like you...

Find out what 3rd party you are!

What is my spectrum?

I am green: My main color is green. I like to have fun and comfort. Happiness is the marker of a great life.

What is my spectrum?

Book Worm Meter

Shut In 71%
29% Out Of The House
Intellectual 59%
41% Moron
High Attention Span 95%
5% Low Attention Span
Bookitude 70%
30% Book Burner
Book Worm 73.75%
26.25% Bug Stomper
Take your bookworm readings.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

The American Heritage Party most suits me as well, and my color spectrum is also green. However, I am 90.25% bookworm.

Posted by Your Sister @ 09/07/2002 09:21 AM EST

I am 85.75% bookworm, my color is Red: goal oriented, success is important, achievement is the marker of a great life (I don't think this sounds like me), and The American Heritage Party is my 3rd party.

Posted by beloved @ 09/07/2002 01:11 PM EST

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