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09/06/2002 Entry: "Crutchfield pictures"

I mentioned a while ago about getting my picture in the Crutchfield catalog, perhaps. They want to use a quote I sent them on my comment card.

"I had installed car stereos in the past. Based on that experience, I had a shop do my last install. But with all the brackets, spacers, and wiring harnesses provided to me at no extra cost, I know I'll never pay someone to do my install again. I'll just go back to Crutchfield."
--Bill Batty, Jr*Rockalnd ME*Musician, DJ

So, I have to send them a photo, preferalbly showing off the gear I bought. So, JP took some shots of me with his stinkin' honkin' smokin' digital camera, and I'll have them printed as photos. Ta-Da! I give you shot 1 and shot 2.

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