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09/16/2002 Entry: "Another post about drums, DJ stuff, and computers."

A Ludwig Downbeat in Oyster Pink Pearl!!! The drum size itself is pretty rare. Oyster Pink Pearl was only listed in the 1959 catalog, I think. The two together? Priceless.

What is your Alter-Ego

I recently bought a Behringer DX-1000 DJ mixing board. I got in online from a source I will not name. (Why won't I name them? Out of love and respect for Northern Kingdom Music in Rockport, the greatest music store in the world. I tried to buiy one from them, but they're not a Behringer dealer.) This thing is fantastic! It completely smokes my old board. Of course, my old board was a piece of junk. This one has adjustable gain for each channel. That's soooo nice. What that means is I can set the lever for each channel before I play it. In theory, all CDs should be the same volume. But they're not. Some are louder than others. The gain control allows me to make sure all the levels are level. (That's one too many levels, baby!) The board also has long throw faders. Faders are like the volume control. After I set the gain, if I slide the fader to "zero," all the other sliders set to zero will be the same volume. Well, with the big faders, there's lot's of room between soft and loud. With my old board, a little wiggle went from too loud to too soft. Now, I have more wiggle room. And an assignable crossfader is the cat's meow. It makes fading between two sources effortless. And it has adjustable talkover. And a subwoofer out with adjustable crossover and level. And a great headphone section. And. And! AND!!!

I'm now running OS 10.2 on my Mac here at the office, thanks to a friend. It's worth it. It's faster. It's prettier. I can search ebay right from Sherlock. Text edit has a spell checker. Mail has a spam killer. More report later.

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do you know where a person can but any Ludwig/Ghost parts? Other than E-bay.

Posted by Sam Craig @ 09/16/2002 06:26 PM EST

My alter-ego is Princess.

Posted by beloved @ 09/17/2002 09:55 AM EST

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