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09/23/2002 Entry: "Patience, mobsters, and drums."

My mobster nickname is The Butcher, Baker and Candlemaker. Get yours here. Stolen from Biz.

Here's something strange. Ask Susan about my patience. I have none. Look at the family tree on my Dad's side--the Battys and the Elwells. They have no patience either, so I get it from both sides. Yet the last two weeks, I bet I've had a dozen customers comment on my patience. If they only knew... :-)

I've also come to another decision. LIfe's too short to play cheap drums. On Sunday, Pastor Ken was talking about a handymans job he was doing, replacing a piece of 5/4 cedar trim. This piece of trim cost over $100. He mentioned something about that being a real piece of expensive wood. And I thought "That Mahogany snare of mine is a real nice piece of wood too. To bad no one sees it." And I thought it's a shame no one sees, and hears, that drum. Even if no one appreciates it but me, it should be played. So, I think I'm going to make the Gretsches my new road kit. But that's today. I could change my mind in a week. I could change my mind today.

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Hi Billy!
I hope you don't change your mind!! I hope you play that drum, and enjoy that drum!! It must be so beautiful! I'll bet the sound is wonderful! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 09/25/2002 09:45 AM EST

Btw, my email address is valid. Just remove the 'nospam' part of it. I do that so the spam robots who search the web can't use my address. :o)

Posted by Maria @ 09/25/2002 09:46 AM EST

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