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09/20/2002 Entry: "Nice"

Whew! I've been moved to a new server. Some things got hairy, but I think I've clubbed them all into submission. Did you notice the changes? The Wop's link is gone. :-( I've added some links to some other pages I visit, and Ron hooked me up with this cool "last referers" script.

Man, if I were any busier, I'd be a bee. I put about 50 hours in this week at the office. I taught 2 classes for the local Adult Ed. I've got a gig tonight, and Sunday afternoon. Susan's gone to a conference, so tomorrow after work Julia and I are going to clean house.

I'm sleepy.

So my Mac here at the office keeps shutting down. I think it's a heat thing. I'm going to leave it running overnight, and see what happens.

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