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09/27/2002 Entry: "Drums, and weekend plans"

Did you see where the auction for that Pink Oyster Pearl snare ended? I knew it was rare, and would bring some coin, but that's crazy! A regular Downbeat/Be-Bop would go $400-500. A rare finish would go maybe $750. So, I thought this would go for about a grand. Guess I was a little low.

So what am I up to tonight? Well, my next door neighbor has a hard drive on the fritz. So, we got her a new one, and I am ghosting the contents over to it. She's a financial planner, so losing a hard drive is a serious problem.

Tomorrow, I'm pulling the Saturday shift. Pat and I are coming a little early, and we're going to whip up some SPAM and eggs. Man, do I love SPAM. It's like a ham and bacon had a baby. Yummy. It's good fried. And Dad tells me that back in his younger days, Ma would but cloves and pineapple on SPAM, just as if it were a real ham. Sounds OK by me.

Then, tomorrow night, Jim and I are going to see Medeski, Martin, and Wood. There a kind of jazz/funk bass, drum, and organ trio. I don't have any of their stuff, but I do have a John Schofield album that they are the rhythm section on. I like it. A lot. It should be fun. We're going with Chris and Dan from White Man's Overbite. And tickets were only $20, so it's not killing the pocketbook.

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