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10/02/2002 Entry: "Beautiful Tama Exotix Snare"

Note to Grammy and Grampy--Julia was telling me today how much she would like one of these. Now, don't let this poor little munchkin down! :-) This snare is is bubinga (BUBINGA!!!) with inner and outer plies of Hawaiian Koa, with a real abalone inlay around the middle. I think it would look nicer without the stripe, but Julia likes it the way it is.

--edit: Dang! Somebody bought it!

Replies: 1 person has rocked the mic!

I was going to buy it, but every time I tried to get to the net, I got a busy signal. Oh well, maybe the next one that comes on. I think I'm going to Portland today and I will make it up to her.


Posted by Grampy @ 10/03/2002 07:01 AM EST

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