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10/02/2002 Entry: "Corner Chair"

Have I told you about my corner chair experience? Once, in college, Susan and I attended a poetry reading by this woman who read Emily Dickenson's poetry in the character of Emily Dickenson. On stage, there was this chair. It was so strange looking. I couldn't figure out how it worked--it was like M.C. Escher designed this chair. The back was along the side, somehow. I thought, "How does one sit in that chair?" When she finally came out onstage, and sat in it, I realized what I was looking at. It was a Victorian corner chair. Since that day, I've wanted one. I kept a fairly diligent search on ebay. They used to go about $400-$600 each. For that much, I could buy a drumset! So, I've never had one. But now, you can find reproductions. Check out this one. $240 shipped! And it's got ball and claw feet (like I want) and uphosltry that's not gawdawful.

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