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10/08/2002 Entry: "Headache, reprise"

Last night, the headache came back. About 8:30. I called and canceled my radio show. Took the big gun of the headache arsenal--the $10 Imitrex. Went straight to bed. It worked. Feel much better today. Good thing too--tonight I teach a beginner's Internet class for the local adult ed.

I'm posting from the break room computer. Man, do I love this keyboard. It takes a good strong stroke to make the ke hit register, and it has nice tactile feedback. But it looks like someone spilled a pot of coffee on it. And it's not USB, so it won't work on the Mac. Otherwise, I'd confiscate it!

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Mom has had the headache for three days.

Posted by Dad @ 10/08/2002 04:40 PM EST

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