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10/07/2002 Entry: "Headache and weekend update"

I woke this morning at about 4am. The pain behind my right eye was unbelievable. I get migraines. Nothing strange there. But sleep is what helps them--so to wake up with one was really strange. And my migraines are not usually over (or behind) one eye. That's text book. Mine feel like I was shot dead center in the forehead. So to have one over an eye was strange too. So, I called the boss, took 800mg of ibuprofen, and called in for the moning. I felt better around noon, so I went to my Kiwanis meeting, then to the office.

The gig in Portland was uneventfull. Everyone was nice at Brian Boru, as they always are. But regular bartender Jeff had the night off for a wedding. And the crowd was light. But the feedback was good. Everybody seemed to like us.

One of my clients for whom I do computer repair called. He'd gotten a virus. I have to be on the radio tonight, so he wanted me to come after that: that's 10pm! Luckily, he figured it out.

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I was wondering if there could be any better groove than the one you lay down!

Posted by mac economy @ 10/08/2002 03:36 PM EST

Of course not.

Posted by Billy, Sr. @ 10/08/2002 04:38 PM EST

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