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10/14/2002 Entry: "What I did today"

I took the day off. Susan had it off as well. So what did we do together? Nothing. She spent the day doing laundry. I fixed the deck, and cleaned the garage a little bit. I bought a new watch band at Wal-Mart. Had my Kiwanis meeting. (Since we changed meeting places, the quality of the lunch is through the roof! Last week was roast beef. Today was stuffed haddock!)

On Saturday, I did a DJ gig for a guy I went to high school with. (Congrats Darren and Janet. Some of you know Darren--he's Dynamite's grandson.) They first thought they wanted me for 8 hours. A normal gig for a DJ is 4. So, they decided to cut it back a little; they booked me for 7! Then, everyone was having so much fun, they booked me for another 1/2 hour! 7 1/2 hours ties for my overall longest gig. Someone once had me for 7 1/2 for a 25th wedding anniversary.

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