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10/15/2002 Entry: "I can't run a cash register!"

I went to a grocery store this evening. This place is being remodeled, and has a new self-serve check out line. Now, I worked in retail for 5 years, so I know how to run a cash register. I work for a high tech computer company. I have my own home theater. I run a DJ business with mixing consoles and the like. So I've got a fairly good grasp of technology. So I scanned my items (there were two). I put them in the bag. The register told me to take my unpaid item out of the bag. I hadn't paid for either, so I don't know why it asked me to take the unpaid one out. So I took one out. The the register said "No, the other one." So I took that one out. I was confused by this point. "Frig it," I thought. "I'll just swipe my debit card, and this stupid machine will like it." I couldn't find the slot to swipe my card! So, I went to a human. "So, you can't use a debit card on the self serve check out?" "Sure you can," said the girl half my age.

Then I realized that I am old. I can't make something work without asking for help from some whiper-snapper.

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Oh too funny!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who experiences this!! *lol*

Posted by Maria @ 10/16/2002 04:05 PM EST

See what it is like when I have to ask you to bail me out of e-mail.

Posted by Dad @ 10/16/2002 04:34 PM EST

dont feel bad, i couldnt figure the one at our grocery either. it kept yelling at me, and beeping, and eventually someone came over and showed me the ropes. i told her i was from maine, where we had to hunt for our cherry garcia, and didnt have these new fangled "stores".

Posted by mlg @ 10/17/2002 01:23 AM EST

The card sliding part is not right in your face. It is kinda hard to see if you aren't used to it. I love that automatic thing. I never have to wait. I can do it in like 20 secs now if I have only a few things. It is weird to think you can go into a store and buy things and never even have to talk to or have contact with any person. Hey where is Maria from?

Posted by Jim @ 10/18/2002 10:26 PM EST

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