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10/29/2002 Entry: "West Side Story"

Did I mention I was playing drums for the RDHS production of West Side Story? I've always wanted to play this show. You are familiar with Buddy Rich's versions of these tunes, right? Scary! Some tunes I handled ok. Some I blew. One was a train wreck! We didn't have the cue lines yet. All of a sudden, the piano player launches into "When You're a Jet." I wasn't there! I never caught up! Good tunes, though, but hard. Time signatures in 3/8? A measure of 6/8, then a measure of 3/4? A measure of this, and a measure of that. It will keep me on my toes.

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Sounds like a fun challenge that I know you will enjoy! Go get em Billy! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 10/29/2002 09:56 PM EST

They chose you because you rock as a drummer. You are the best. Beleive it Maria. This guy is modest. He really cooks.

Posted by Sticks @ 10/30/2002 10:25 AM EST

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