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10/30/2002 Entry: "My Day"

I'm on lunch. It's 2pm. I haven't event been to ebay yet today!

Thanks to my mom and dad! Dad walked in this morning with a plate of pot roast and mashed potatoes and gravy. I asked what it was for. Dad said "Mom just thought you'd like some pot roast." (I do like pot roast!) Then, as it turned out, I wasn't able to break away for lunch, and needed to have something here anyway. God knew I would need lunch, and sent it via my parents!

Speaking of God, I was working on a computer today. No, not His computer! It had a virus on it. Since I knew exactly what virus it was, I downloaded a fix tool, and ran it. After that, Windows wouldn't boot. But, after some tinkering, and praying, I got it fixed. I need to stop doing that. Whenever I go above and beyond, it always goes badly. Luckily, God always bails me out!

This pot roast is awesome!

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