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11/01/2002 Entry: "100 Things About ME"

100 Things About Billy Rhythm. A little something I've been working on.

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Knew a lot but learned some too. Like number 53.

Posted by Jim @ 11/01/2002 06:28 PM EST

Yeah, I don't talk about that very much. In fact, very few people know. But a local photographer mentioned it to me about a month ago at a wedding we were both doing. He's been following the story all these years. I wasn't just me you see. It was a whole bunch of us. I can remember 4 others besided me. Of the 5 of us, one of us died of a heroin overdose, and one has been convicted of heroin related charges. I'm doing ok, I think. One guy works for MBNA as is doing very well, and the other guy sells and installs appliances.

One thing I learned form this photographer--the teacher who did this was previously employed by another school district in the area. There were some accusations there, and he resigned, so the school board kept it pretty hush-hush. So he just moved one town over, and started again. That's why I've got no problems with police letting citizens know when a convicted child abuser moves into town.

Posted by B.R. @ 11/02/2002 08:57 AM EST

*lol* You can't go wrong with ZZ Top and barbeque!! :o)

PS- We all do a lot of things Jesus wouldn't do, but the fact that we repent and try not to do them again, makes him proud of us. ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 11/04/2002 05:10 PM EST

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