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11/23/2002 Entry: "Yo, yo, yo! Wazzup?"

Saturday morning. At the office. There's been plenty to do. West Side Story went on last night again. Again, a good show, I thought. (Cubby may disagree--I dunno.) I'm getting more and more of it down, the more I play it. (Duh!) Maybe Sunday, the last show, I'll finally play it through decent. If I'd had a month of rehearsals (Like the other troup in the area did), I'm sure I could finally do a bang up job.

Julia's been sick the last couple of days. Fever of 103. Complaining her head hurts. Sue took her to the doctor yesterday, but there was nothing they could find. She's just going to have to fight through it. She acted better this morning, but I didn't take her temp. She felt warm, but not as warm.

I've got a vacation coming up. The first week of December, I'm staying home. I think I'll use the time to rewallpaper the hallway. And I'm sure Julia would like a coat of pink paint on her wall. She's such a girly girl! Pink and purple, Barbie, dress-up, ballet--anything that little girls are "supposed" to like, she likes. I never would have believed that I would like being a father to a little girl as much as I do. She's just so great. I'd give her kisses and hugs all the time if she'd let me. Instead, she just says "Oh Daddy, not more kisses..."

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