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12/18/2002 Entry: "Quizes and drums"

Nothing much to report today. This page has some great photos of the ultra-rare Vistalite Tivoli light up drum set, all lit up! Notice the hair of the guy playing them! Great. Also found yesterday: BUBINGA!!!

Here a couple of quizzes I got from that crazy cat page.

1. Christmas dinner: turkey or ham (or something else)? We usually have turkey. I would prefer a spiral sliced ham. We just had turkey at thanksgiving--can't we mix it up a little? My family doesn't eat lamb, though Susan, Julia and I do. My druthers would be turkey on Thanksgiving, ham at Christmas, and lamb at Easter.
2. Candy canes or chocolate? Chocolate. There is nothing else. Nothing comes close.
3. Fruit basket or fruitcake? Fruitcake. My mother-in-law makes a fairly decent one.
4. Mulled cider or mulled wine? Hmm. Not really a fan of either. My guess would be cider.
5. Eggnog or hot chocolate? Now we're getting tough. My uncle Ade used to make a mean eggnog. It was way better than the prepak stuff you buy at the store. So if it's his eggnog, I'll take that, 'cause hot chocolate is pretty easy to come by. If it's not his eggnog, I don't want it.
6. Holiday cookies: homemade or store-bought? Home made. (This question shouldn't even be asked. Store bought? A convenience only.)
7. Roasting chestnuts or popping corn? Corn. I don't know anyone in Maine who's ever roasted a chestnut.
8. On the buffet table: veggie platter or cheese tray? Cheese. Eat veggies only when absolutely needed.
9. Apple or pumpkin pie? Both. And chocolate cream.
10. Christmas Day breakfast: before or after gift-opening? We have a light breakfast Christmas morning, as lunch is always so big. We usually have some kind of danish or coffee cake. Once, my wife promised my brothers-in-law I would make them Eggs Benedict. (I'm kinda known for a mean Eggs Benedict.) I did, but that meant I spent most of the morning in the kitchen. There just isn't a good way to poach eggs en masse. I won't do that again.

If I were a wine I would be...

This quiz was created by Krazy K. Take it here!

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How does Brunswick sound for Saturday? Mike wants T J Maxx and then to Portland. Can we leave fairly early? Let me know.

Posted by Dad @ 12/18/2002 09:26 PM EST

I also am Port.

Posted by beloved @ 12/19/2002 08:18 AM EST

Did you know that Bubinga is actually a type of Rosewood? Probably the heaviest if not one of the heaviest rosewoods.

Posted by Wood man @ 12/20/2002 03:27 PM EST

Well, wood man, from what I've read, Bubinga is called "African Rosewood," but it's really not from the same family. Source. Kinda like Luan is called Phillipine Mahogany, but it's not a mahogany at all.

Posted by BR @ 12/20/2002 04:39 PM EST

Nice taste in drums!

Posted by Drumtek @ 12/27/2002 11:21 PM EST

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