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12/20/2002 Entry: "Curvy Jellybeans"

Playboy centerfolds less curvaceous. (It's ok--it's not porn.) I'll take the curves, thank you very much.

For those of you who asked, I did some research. Ludwig offered Vistalites in what was called the Jellybean color scheme. A real Jellybean kit had the same colors for each size drum. Some people made their own "jellybean" kits, but they're really just kits with mixed colors. Here's what Ludwig offered in the catalog:
The quadra-plus (4 rack toms plus one floor) had a blue bass, clear snare, red, amber, clear and yellow rack toms (smallest to largest), and green floor tom.
The 5 piece Big Beat had blue bass, clear snare, red and green racks, and amber floor.
However! You could order a jellybean in whatever color you wanted. The true test would be to see if the serial numbers were all close together.

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