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12/21/2002 Entry: "Off to shop"

I'm up early for a Saturday I don't have to work. And, I didn't gig last night. But I'm about to leave for the annual Batty Boys Shopping Trip. Dad, my brother Mike, and brother-in-law Dwane take a day to shop for the ladies every year. This year, honorary Batty Boy Jim Thompson is going with us. (Old friend of the family. My Dad and his were Coasties together.) Mike set the itenerary this year. I called Dad this morning to let him know I would bring a thermos of coffee, and I found out from Mom that Mike canceled. Nice. The wole reason we're going to Portland is because he wanted to go there. I could get my shopping done right here in town--I'm just going for the tradition, really. Well, maybe we'll get home earlier, instead of being gone all day.

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You guys have fun on your shopping trip, and just remember..... Diamonds = very happy wives!!! *lol* ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 12/21/2002 12:40 PM EST

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