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12/30/2002 Entry: "Bad night for pizza"

Last night after church, I thought I'd like a pizza. Since it was late, and we needed to get some milk, we decided to swing by the grocery store (Dad, see the "Get More Here" section) and buy a frozen pizza. I felt like pepperoni, and that's Sue's favorite, so I grabbed two pepperoni pizzas. I got them home, and opened them. They weren't pepperoni--they were three meat. Yes, there was pepperoni on them, but other stuff too. It wasn't what we reall wanted. Oh well. We put them both on pizza stones, and started to watch Appolo 13. 25 minutes later, I went to look at the pizza. The stone my pizza was on cracked in three places! So I pulled mine out. Because it wasn't on the stone, the top was done, but the crust still raw. So, I put it on a cookie sheet, and back in the oven. I checked on it a few minutes later. And, while doing so, burned my finger enough to blister it. A few minutes later, I took it out of the oven. I turned to move towards the counter, and hit the edge of the pan on the fridge. This caused me to drop the pizza on the floor! 30 minutes of cooking that durn thing only to drop it. ARGH!

(For Dad:) How come it's a grocery store, and hardware store, and shoe store? What else would they be? Of course they're stores! How come we say tuna fish? Of course it's a fish!

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I think you say fish so people dont think you are talking about tuning your guitar. I guess you have to say store so you won't say I'm going to the shoe, grocery, or hardware. Eben even says that KFC is the chicken store.

Posted by Dad @ 12/31/2002 06:59 AM EST

Ack!! Time to ban frozen pizzas all together!! :op

Hope you and your family have a very happy New Year Billy!!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 12/31/2002 10:01 AM EST

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