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01/01/2003 Entry: "Happy New (snare) Year!"

Blah blah, new year, blah, whatever. I've never really cared for this holiday. It's rather silly, I think. It's just another new calendar. My guess is is that it's just another excuse for people to go out and get themselves blasted. Me? For the third year in a row, we stayed home. I haven't played a new year's gig since The Sudburry Inn when 2000 rolled in. And you know what? I could care less. Yes, new years gigs brng more money. But also more drunks on the roads. I'd just as soon stay home, watch a cartoon with Sue and Julia, make a casserole for supper, but Julia to bed, and then watch Austin Powers: Goldmember. All of which I did. Then we went to bed, and... and... went to sleep. Yup. I didn't even kiss my wife at 12:0O; we were both asleep.

(I did hear about a good tip for judging your ability to drive after imbibing. It seems if your drunk, you can't tell whether you can say the alphabet or not. Someone has to hear you say it, then tell you where you mess up. You, being drunk, probably wouldn't believe them. Same with arms out then touch your nose trick. But here's one you can do yourself, and no one needs to see you do it. You can tell if you passed or not. Stand on one foot for 15 seconds. It doesn't matter how high. Then, switch to the other foot. If you lose your balance while switching feet, you shouldn't be behind the wheel.)

I will make a resolution, though. I resolve to buy fewer snare drums this year!

Too bad I'm off to a bad start. I've been looking for a Tama Rosewood snare. It was like the Holy Grail of snares for me. Some guy left a comment here, asking if I was still looking for one. After some negotiations, we couldn't close a deal. He put it on ebay. It didn't sell. I renewed my offer. Her relisted it. It didn't sell. A 3rd time he listed it. It didn't sell. Still, my offer was rejected. Three tries to buy this drum, all unsuccessful. Finally Sue said "Isn't it clear to you that God doesn't want you to have that drum?" Well, it got clear...

I had been talking with another drum builder abouth another brand of drum. Turns out, he's a Christian. We emailed back and forth, and then Monday night, he called me at home after my last radio show. What a very nice gentleman. And, we figured out a custom made snare for me for less money than the Tama rosewood!!! So I ordered a Bearing Edge snare, with olive ash burl wood hoops, maple inner plies, and BUBINGA!!! inner and outer plies. Tell me, which do you think is the prettier drum? Me to!

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