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01/03/2003 Entry: "Dryer and Web Work"

I did some work last night on our clothes dryer. It's been taking a long time to dry a load of clothes. I mean, like an hour and a half. Yesterday, this appliance guy I know comes into the shop. So I ask him about it. He says bad ventilation will cause the thermostat to keep the element from coming on--the dryer, in effect, thinks it's hot, because the warm air can't get in. So I checked the vent tube, and there was quite a bit of crud in there. And while I was checking it, I broke the tube. No biggie. So while it's off, I reach in the back of the dryer to clean the lint from there. I pulled out what I thought was a mouse cat toy. I could feel wire in the tail. Then I thought hmm... I used a trowel and poked around. Turns out, it was a real mouse--just real old. Gross!

I also did an update on the drums pages. I've included the snare that Chick gave to me.

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