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01/02/2003 Entry: "Last Year's Snare Buys"

Funny. Just for the kick of it, I reread my posts from last year, seeking how many snares I bought last year. The number? One. Maybe two. The only one I bought was the Be-Bop. Now, I received the Pearl Mahogany last January, but I paid for it in December. And my Bearing Edge that I just ordered was ordered last year, but won't make it until this year. So I'm not sure where to place those. My guess would be when they were received, so the Mahogany will count towards last year. And Chick gave me the marching snare (no pictures yet), but that one was given to me.

I actually got more cymbals last year. I bought a ride with rivets from Jared. A splash and a swish from The Drum Shop. Chick gave me another splash.

And, technically, I bought the Gretsch set this year. But there was no snare with it!

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Wow!! That is some awesome collection you have going there!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 01/03/2003 08:58 AM EST

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