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01/16/2003 Entry: "Uncle's computer, a nice compliment, and, what else, drums!"

I Am

Which tarot card are you?

All black magic malarkey of you ask me, but I needed to take a quiz...

Here's another old WWII era snare. This time, it's not a Rolling Bomber. Instead, it's a Ludwig "Victory" drum. (Don't confuse this with WFLs "Victorious" line of drum.)

Other neat things on ebay: a yellow Vistalite kit; a Tama Gladstone with 3-way tuning (too bad they lost the necessary 3-way tuning key); a Tama rosewood piccolo snare. I still like the looks of them, but my Bearing Edge BUBINGA will blow it away, I'm sure.

I was looking at my logs today, to see how people were finding this page. Someone was searching for "Kevin Risch Maine." Kevin's a drummer I went to college with. So, I looked on Google to see how I scored. The second result was for Kevin's band "Holy Moly." So, I started poking around the site, and found this. See that towards the bottom? "The biggest thrill has been playing with drummers Like Bill Batty, Tim Rowe,Jim Doherty, Kevin Risch, and Aaron LaChance." Like me??? I am sincerely flattered, Sonny. Thank you very much.

Tonight, I'm working on my Uncle's computer. I dropped a CD ROM drive in it, and added some more memory. He got it from his old workplace. They had a 6 gig drive chopped into 4 partitions! Why? Have no idea. I went to put it all on one and the problems started. Whenever I work on someone's computer for cheap I run into problems. If I charge them full rate, no prob. My next door neighbor? Problems. My other next door neighbor, the financial planner? Big problems. (You do not want to be the guy who accidentally erases the hard drive of a financial planner! After much praying, I got out of that one.) My uncle. Well, small problems. I put the CD and hard drive on different IDE channels (on JP's suggestion), and it's working ok now.

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Yeah, I thought the test was stupid too!! Just something to occupy space! No one who loves the Lord like you do is a fool!!


That's neat how your friend honored you on his page!! ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 01/17/2003 08:43 PM EST

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