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01/23/2003 Entry: "Gigantic post about Beatles, the 'rents, guitars, and such."

I have wonderful parents, and wonderful in-laws. My in-laws are taking their entire family to Florida. How cool is that? Then my parents go and do something nice for us--in fact my Mom made whoopie pies for the office! (Mom, they were awesome! Everyone said how good they were.)

If I weren't a drummer, I'd be a bass player. Sittin' in the back, lettin' the funk flow, gettin' my groove on. Today, I talked with my good friend Harvey, the retail manager of the greatest music store in the world, Northern Kingdom Music. He's just got back from the North American Music Merchandisers show (NAMM). What has Fender gone and done? Released this. Oh, how sweet. And my favorite Fender color (tied with sea foam green). If they had that color on a Jazz bass, I think I'd flip. This P copy is mighty good looking, though. I may need to sell some drums!

Did you hear how they airbrushed the cigarette out of Paul's hand on the Abbey Road album? Complete hog wash. It did lead me to this article on the whole "Paul is Dead" rumor of the 60s. I actually wrote an paper in college about the rumor, complete with cassette of backwards clues. The Beatles have denied this whole publicity stunt all along, but there are two "clues" that can't be explained away in my mind. Here they are:

1) In the song "Glass Onion" from The White Album, there's a line "Here's another clue for you all / The walrus was Paul." Now, why would John be writing about Paul clues? I've yet to see anyone even offer an explanation as to what that's all about.

2) The black carnation from Magical Mystery Tour. I had never seen an explanation for that until today. Paul claimed it was because "they ran out of red ones." So follow me, will you. On the day that photo was shot, either:
a)They didn't know they were going to need flowers. So they grabbed whatever was handy: 3 red carnations and one black one! Sure, I'll buy that.
b) They did know they were going to need flowers, and the person responsible for buying the flowers only bought three. Thus, they ran out while giving them to the four Beatles. Sure, sound plausible. [/end sarcasm]

So a big thank you to my nephew Eben for lending me Spider Man. It was a pretty good movie. Kirsten Dunst is pretty cute. Toby McGuire did a great job getting all muscle bound for the role. Willem Defoe is a great actor--but I remember the Green Goblin like this. And that's how I prefer him. Green Goblin is my favorite cartoon villain. Who's yours?

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Wow!! The excitement is building!! I know you all are going to have a wonderful vacation! Be glad you're not here tonight though. It's going down to 26 degrees!!! Hopefully it will warm up next week! ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 01/23/2003 06:31 PM EST

26??? 26 sounds good! The high here at the house today was 16. That's the high! Last night's low was -2.6.

Posted by BR @ 01/23/2003 08:44 PM EST

National Association of Music Merchants.

Posted by Harvey @ 01/31/2003 01:59 PM EST

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