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02/14/2003 Entry: "My Other Valentine"

I should mention my other Valentine. My wife and I love her so much, we named her after the day. Julia Valentine. Here's the valentine list:

When I first started getting really into Jazz, I was in High School. (I played Jr. High jazz band, but I wasn't really into it hard.) One of the tunes we played was "My Funny Valentine." Loved it since then.

Then, I bought Shawn Colvin's Fat City album. Loved it since then. Dig this lyric:

"But I had a dream last night
Of lovers who walked the plank
Out on the edge of time
Amidst ridicule
They laughed as they rocked and reeled
Over the mining fields
Coming to rest on this ship of fools
But he just took polaroids
Of her smile in the light
Of the dawn of the menacing sky
And before they went overboard
She turned and held up a card
And it said Valentine"

Then, as below, we were engaged on Valentines day.

One day, whilst looking for a present for Susan, I walked into my local framing shop, Sparrow Framing. (They do awesome work, by the way.) I saw this beautiful print by local artist Greg Mort. (He's also well known world wide. Probably his best known work is Floating Apples.) The print I saw was of an apple on some white lace, the lace being on a white shelf. To the stem of the apple was tied a red ribbon, which floated gracefully across the print. "I like that" I told Eileen. "Yes, I like it too. It's called Valentine." I bought it on the spot!

Then of course, while discussing baby names, Julia Valentine came up. I believe that Susan and I agreed on it immediately. (Sue will help my memory here.) After that, there was no other discussion.

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What a beautiful story!! Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 02/15/2003 09:54 AM EST

What a wonderful story. I bet you have lots more. Speaking of your folks, how is your dad? I miss seeing him. Easy to see where you get your sense of humor and easy going nature from. He is a wonderful man.

Also was wondering if you would like to do the March of Dimes WalkAmerica this year for DJ services. You did an awesome job and of course,you will be inside yet again!!! :) Promise!

Thanks and this is a wonderful website. Is Julia looking forward to her big day in July? How about school?


Posted by Norma @ 02/15/2003 11:44 AM EST

I would never go to Sparrow Framing. I won't go into details but I had dealings with them in business and I was so unimpressed with the way they handled themselves I said to myself I would never go there. Those who know me can ask me why.

Posted by Jim @ 02/15/2003 10:05 PM EST

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