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02/28/2003 Entry: "Ebay class last night"

I taught part one of my two part ebay class last night. I've taught this adult-ed class for a couple of years, and it's very popular. One semester, I taught it three times! (In fact, last night, the director asked me to teach this class in two other school districts!) So last night, I had a sold out class as usual. Not one student had ever bought anything on ebay! Not one! They were complete beginners. At the end of the class, a student came up to me. I recognized her--she had taken a beginner's Internet class with. She explained that she wasn't really interested in ebay that much. She really wanted to take the 8-week "Computers for Seniors" class, but is was full. So, she figured she'd take whatever computer class was available, and at least learn something; at least pick up some lingo or whatnot. "And," she said, "I like you as a professor." It felt very good to hear that.

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Reading this I thought you were going to say she took that class because of you. Like she had a crush on you or something. Just the way it was worded.

"She really wasn't interested in ebay. She was interested in me!"

Posted by Jim @ 02/28/2003 08:02 AM EST

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