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02/25/2003 Entry: "Dick Trickle's website is down?"

Julia can make me cry pretty easily. And, I've mentioned before that she prays for wonderful things. She did both last night. She thanked Jesus for daises, daffodils, cupcakes, fruit roll-ups, and "all sweet things." Susan and I both lost all control. It was wonderful.

My webserver had some issues this morning. I had two people call to ask me if I knew about it. That's kinda nice. It was fixed by 8:30, but still, two people noticed and called me. Thanks Dad and Jim.

Dad, you can apologize by taking me to breakfast. Here's the web site for NASCAR driver Dick Trickle. I was thinking I could get mom and dad matching Dick Trickle t-shirts!

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How sweet!! Julia is sounds like she is as precious as she looks in her pictures! What an Angel! :)

Posted by Maria @ 02/25/2003 09:37 PM EST

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