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03/01/2003 Entry: "I'm glad I don't collect guitars."

What is it with guitar players? I know drummers are gear heads, but poor guitar players! How can they do it? Lemme 'splain. I got this copy of the Musician's Friend catalog. (Actually, Northern Kingdom Music in Rockport, the greatest music store in the world, is the best friend a musician could want.) The first spread in the electric guitar section is for Gibson Les Pauls. There are 11 different Les Pauls on that two page spread. 11 versions of essentially the same guitar! There's the Les Paul Studio, the Les Paul Special, the Les Paul Custom, the Les Paul Classic, the Studio Limited, I think I'm gonna hurl! How does a poor guitar player keep track of the differences?

Drums. Each drum company has several lines. Let's take Tama, as that's what I play. There's the Starclassic line, the Rockstar, the Artstar, the Swingstar, and a couple of others. But each line is distinctly different! There's no Artstar Classic, Artstar Limited, Artstar Special, and all with different options. Starclassics. You want birch or maple? Maple limited? Maple Studios? No. Crikey, I have CD ROMs of old drum catalogs to help me. What's a guitar player do? They must have to have an entire library of stuff!

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