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03/01/2003 Entry: "Moulin Rouge--Simply Awful!"

I just lost this post. My browser crashed. Dang it! Now, I must start over. I'll do it in TextEdit, though!

Susan called me before I left the office last night. "You wanna pick up a movie?" Sure. First choice: Robin Williams' One Hour Photo. Sold out. Darn. Next choice: K19, The Widowmaker. Susan's not a huge sub movie fan, so I skipped this one. I finally decided on a film we had both expressed mild interest in: Moulin Rouge. I had completed the task for which I had been charged.

The director of this movie, however, should be charged with stealing two otherwise decent hours of my life.

I guess I have to agree with what others have said about this movie. The cinematography is beautiful. The colors are nice. The sets are over the top. The story is good. Too bad the direction is dreadful. It tries to be campy. But campy needs something to go along with it in order to make it work: humor. Campy without funny is just stupid. This movie was stupid. (I told Susan as we were watching it "This is like "Rocky Horror," but not funny!")

I did like the way modern day music is woven into the movie. It was quite fun trying to figure out what lines came from what tunes. I do think that Kurt Cobain is rolling in his grave for what they did to "Smells Like Team Spirit," but I did laugh out loud on the rendition of The Police's "Roxanne." Unfortunately, that was the funniest part.

The ending is good. The camp is gone, and the end production of "Spectacular, Spectacular" is all right. But I didn't do something I always do with a movie--watch the credits. I was just glad it was over.

Moulin Rouge. Horrible movie, right up there with Boxing Helena and Stealing Beauty. I encourage you to watch only to see how unbelievably bad it really is.

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Even though all my friends liked this movie, I had a bad feeling about it. Glad I didn't rent it! Thanks for the warning!!

Posted by Maria @ 03/02/2003 12:34 PM EST

It is one of those movies. I don't have to rent it to know it is terrible. Another good example is Wild Wild West. Loved the TV show but the movie was totally stupid looking. Will Smith and a bunch of high tech gadgets in an old west setting. NO THANKS. The original TV show was one of the best westerns on TV.

Speaking of saying the word "gadget" I learned where that came from. The man who made the statue of liberty was named Gadget (make the T silent and the E sound like an A). It is french obviously. When the statue was dedicated in New York he made little replica's of the statue for sale and put his name on the bottom. Everyone called them gadgets. That is where the term gadget as we know it came from.

Posted by Jim @ 03/03/2003 08:10 AM EST

i liked that movie quite a bit. but then i've always liked baz's style. i liked romeo and jouliet a lot, and im looked forward to alexander the great. but on the other hand, im a big ewan fan, and nicole kidman is super foxy.

Posted by mlg @ 03/03/2003 10:53 AM EST

Hey! I would love to email Susan if she wouldn't mind. I really would love in on those online scap clubs. I seriously need all the help I can get. Thank you so much and I really dig your current wallpaper!

Posted by binkey @ 03/03/2003 07:25 PM EST

Billy Rhythm... you have let me down. Moulin Rouge is one of my FAVORITE movies.... to your credit, my boyfriend hated it. But you two are the only two people in the world (that I personally know..) who don't like that movie.

Also, One Hour Photo- Waste of Robin Williams Talent... but worth watching.

Posted by Amanda McKenney @ 03/08/2003 01:27 PM EST

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